John Taxler

In this piece, we ask readers and authors to stand back from the achievements, actors and activities described in the book and look at the wider context and critical issues. These include, Firstly, the relationships of wearables with other established and emerging trends in technology enhanced learning and educational technology, asking about the need to collaborate, compete and co-opt in order to embed and endure. Secondly, the place of wearables and the learning they afford within the rapidly changing global higher education environment, and the place of wearables and research into the learning they afford in the rapidly changing financial and ideological constraints of research funding and the policy that informs it. And finally, the place and responsibilities of researchers in wearables as part of technology enhanced learning and educational technology within the global context of crises and change. These crises and changes being exemplified in economics, ecology, governance, legitimacy, amongst others, and sometimes characterised as indicators of a wider crisis in late global capitalism or some transition into post-modernity that unsettles our minds and our methods.

This is the abstract of a book chapter. The full chapter is available here. Citation: John Taxler (2019): The Bigger Picture, In: Buchem, Klamma, Wild (Eds.): Perspectives on Wearable Enhanced Learning (WELL): Current Trends, Research, and Practice, Springer.