Paolo Guarnieri



Paolo Guarnieri


Paolo Guarnieri got his degree in Electronical Engineering in Florence (IT) in 1995 with a work on digital image processing. Since then he’s been a researcher for more than 10 years with the italian National Research Center (artificial inteligence applications for environmental monitoring, metheorological forecast, air quality, etc), and a manager at research institutes and regional and local public administrations of environmental projects, R&D projects, cultural & creative industry projects, tourism, innovation policies, etc.). He is currently playing the Lead Partner role in several european projects (H2020, Interreg Europe, Interreg MED) along different strands, including development of new business models for the Textile & Clothing sector (TCBL project) , Cultural & Creative drivers for local development in the Mediterranean (CreativeWear project), and applied R&D for European textile industrial districts (RESET project).

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