Forecasting is absolutely essential since the entire fashion industry progresses based on trends. In this globalized fashion environment where everything changes very quickly, a common denominator is the trend.

In the fashion life cycle, inspiration and design based on forecasting is absolutely essential since the entire fashion industry progresses based on trends (fashion trends). In this globalized fashion environment where everything changes very quickly, a common denominator is the trends, which is the main element in the selection of the final product.

Fashion forecasts and the discovery and analysis of trends assist companies in producing fashion products that will appeal to the consumers. All the products are sold, since they are intertwined with the consumer needs that have been translated into trends. The process of Fashion Forecasting is not just the perception that a new trend will emerge, but also the reasoning behind it, including the underlying philosophy and how it integrates into society and the market.

Fashion Forecast specialized companies, trends analysts, fashion directors and consultants as well as designers are challenged in presenting comprehensive fashion forecast 18 months before the appearance of the final product on the market. For example, they need to identify information about the style and line of clothing for men, women and children, colors, fabrics and textures, as well as the matching accessories. Through research and information collection and analysis, the individuals involved in fashion forecasts, help fashion professionals to better understand of fashion trends, to ensure the marketability of products and services and to adjust the position of the company in the global fashion circle.

In this way, when each Fashion Professional can offer to the consumer improved services and create modern products (apparel, footwear, accessories, etc), immediately they provide benefits to the market, such as: increasing demand, better production, more variety of innovative products, promotion of talented professionals, development of new brands.
Fashion forecast is addressed for Industrialists, retail-store owners, Fashion Designers, Stylists, as well as other fashion professionals including Fashion Bloggers, Buyers, Students, etc. To properly carry out forecasting and trend analysis the following are necessary:

  • The thorough study of the fashion market in specific fashion centres, as well as international exhibitions and clothing materials.
  • The collection and analysis of reports from prominent Fashion Forecast companies.
  • The study of local and global developments, the collection of information about preferences and changes in consumer’s attitudes.
  • The interpretation and prediction for the items that will affect the fashion industry in the future.

The validity of the prediction is achieved when the interested parties use at least the following tools:

  • the content of major corporate fashion forecasting information services, such as WGSN and FASHION SNOOP
  • Forecast from prestigious magazines such as VIEW and magazines dedicated to FASHION WEEK
  • trips to fashion cities, at least twice a year to monitor various global event such as the international textile and clothing exhibitions
  • Modern technology audiovisual systems to create presentation material on fashion trends.

Key trends Winter 16/17

It is necessary that the whole fashion lifecycle from design, sourcing, production, use and re-use, should follow a more sustainable business model. The exchange and promotion of best practices, as well as the identification of areas of improvement in all aspects of fashion, result to the promotion of environmentally friendly products and to a greater respect of social conditions during construction and production. The sustainable future is a strong consumer demand and a substantial responsibility in fashion.

NEW ART. Each person hides inside himself a craftsman and an artist. The expression of each person’s emotions and expectations is crystallized in personal art form and technique, and finds a new form of expression through fashion. From this standpoint and from mixing cultures new techniques are discovered, the greatness and dignity of the art work is emerging, and a creative journey into the world of collage of ideas, materials and people is beginning.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Cultural and technological ideas are mixed. The futurism industry and modern crafting resemble the rustic character of the old classic technical professions and make a step forward to a more sustainable design. Balances – human – body – mathematics – technology – fashion, all appear in cooperation. Fashion meets modern needs of life and not just clothing needs. We design smart, innovative products but following the necessary review of past traditional techniques.