Designing Wearables with People in Mind

Digital, Human, Online First, WELL book

Vladimir Tomberg and Daniel Kotsjuba Wearable computing devices enter into different areas of our life. Among others, the most prominent themes are bio-tech fusion, synced lifestyle, organic computing, human enhancement, health empowerment, health empowerment, and learning. Design of wearables implies…

Learning Manual Skills with Smart Wearables

Digital, Human, Online First, WELL book

Ekaterina Kutafina, Marko Jovanović, Klaus Kabino and Stephan M. Jonas Intensive development of e-learning methods still struggles with domains where feedback on manual and physical skills is necessary, for example, crafts or physiotherapy movements. Most of such training is currently…

Virtual reality as an environment for learning: Facilitating a controlled environment for pupils with diagnosed concentration disorders

Digital, Human, Online First, WELL book

Eva Mårell-Olsson, Thomas Mejtoft and Jenny Kinert Pupils with concentration disorders need an education that is adapted for them for fulfilling the goals of their education. They often need an adjustable learning environment with fewer distractions. Unfortunately, the public education…

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